7 Feb 2006

Forum Fisheries Agency has enough financial help to implement strategic plan more quickly

4:35 pm on 7 February 2006

The Forum Fisheries agency is looking to implement its strategic plan sooner, after getting increased support from donors for the next three years.

Australia has increased its support by 20-per cent, New Zealand has tripled its aid, and other Forum members have also raised their support by up to 55-per cent.

FFA Director-General Feleti Teo said it must act now to develop better management strategies with member countries for sustainable fishing.

"Building support from Australia and New Zealand and also from our member countries, I think we can fully implement the new organisational structure for the FFA which will allow us to engage more actively in supporting our member countries to develop their fisheries management plan and also their fishing development."

Feleti Teo says the FFA will be employing more staff, improve the satellite based fishing vessel tracking system and enter a new phase of cooperation with the Tuna Commission.