26 Apr 2006

Solomon Islands Chinese businessman says he warned police of attacks

11:58 am on 26 April 2006

A Chinese businessman in Solomon Islands says he warned authorities an hour and a half before Honiara's Chinatown was burned and looted last week, but no-one did anything to prevent the attack.

Sir Henry Kwan says he was tipped off by a former Opposition MP about the impending riot.

"They called me at half past two that afternoon. They said, 'Henry, they will burn Chinatown at four o'clock. I rang triple nine over twenty times and I called the Commissioner of Police. I spoke to his assistant. They said they had no resources. No manpower."

Sir Henry Kwan says he also called the Governor General, who said he was sorry to hear that Chinatown would be attacked but there was nothing he could do.