25 May 2006

Fiji's multi party cabinet part of God's plan according to Prime Minister

8:22 pm on 25 May 2006

Fiji's prime minister says this week's historic formation of a multi-party cabinet is part of God's plan for the country.

Laisenia Qarase made the comment during a joint talkback show with the Labour Party minister, Krishna Datt, on Radio Legend's sister stations in the Fijian and Hindi Languages this afternoon.

Mr Qarase called on members of his multi-party cabinet to make history by setting an example for the whole world to see.

Mr Qarase said a lot of the indigenous people including himself see what has happened as part of God's plan for a united Fiji and part of that plan was to see the SDL and the Fiji Labour Party get together.

He said both sides are honoured and privileged to be chosen to lead the way by fulfilling God's plan for Fiji.

The Labour Party's minister for labour and industrial relations, Krishna Datt, said as one of the architects of the 1997 Constitution, he wants to find mechanisms to ensure the multi-party cabinet works.

Mr Datt said these are exciting times with joy in people's faces and the whole nation wants a positive outcome.