12 Jun 2006

Kiribati scholarship probe to end next week

3:35 pm on 12 June 2006

Radio Kiribati says the commission of inquiry into the government's controversial selection of scholarship students is expected to be completed by next week.

A probe began after it became known that 18 scholarship students were chosen for study at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji last semester who had failed the relevant test while others who passed the tests missed out.

The month-long inquiry led by Tuvaluan national Tito Isala has moved to Fiji.

News editor Roz Terubea says senior education officials, the USP and secondary schools have all been questioned.

He says the outcome of the inquiry is being awaited with interest.

"It's really rocked the education system that people are so concerned about it and become a volatile situation, and its a real public interest situation. That people have argued that everybody wants their kids to get a good education, so why this right now?"

Roz Terubea