3 Jul 2006

Bougainville police surpised alleged presidential assassination plot has not been reported

3:22 pm on 3 July 2006

The police in the Papua New Guinea autonomous province of Bougainville says they are surprised they have not been asked to investigate an alleged plot to assassinate the president.

The president's office says PNG intelligence officers discovered the plan and then some former militants came forward to admit their involvement and apologise.

The acting assistant police commissioner, Paul Kamaui, says the police would investigate if asked.

"It's been out in the media and if the matter is very serious, if there is a serious allege [allegation] of assassination against the president then the matter should be reported to the police."

The acting assistant police commissioner, Paul Kamaui.

A presidential spokesperson, Dennis Kuiai, says Mr Kabui has been told the person behind the plan was the PNG mining minister, Sam Akoitai.

But Mr Kuiai says the Central Bougainville MP is denying the claims and is to meet with the president this week to go over the alleged evidence.