21 Aug 2006

CNMI lawmakers opt for voluntary pay cuts

1:38 pm on 21 August 2006

Some members of the House of Representatives in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas have volunteered to cut their salaries by 10 percent.

This follows the enactment of a law reducing the government employees' work to 72 hours per pay period.

The governor has been forced to reduce spending because of declining revenue.

Congressman Absalon Waki has told a news conference that he will authorise the Department of Finance to reduce his salary by 10 percent.

Mr Waki called on lawmakers from Tinian and Rota "to reduce their expenses" as well.

Another who has voluteered for the cut, Congresswoman Cinta Kaipat, says everyone needs to come together at this desperate time.

She said that a ten percent was better than a 100 percent cut.