22 Aug 2006

Mexican fishermen in Marshalls after drifting for more nine months

1:31 pm on 22 August 2006

Three Mexican fishermen saw their first land in nearly 10 months in the Marshall Islands today after drifting across the Pacific Ocean since last October the 28th.

After 13 days aboard a Marshall Islands fishing vessel since their rescue, the Mexican fishermen looked healthy, smiled often and talked about their ordeal when they arrived in Majuro.

The three are aged between 27 and 37 and they say they survived by eating fish and sea birds they could catch on their 8,000 kilometre journey.

Through an interpreter, they say they divided their time between reading the Bible and fishing.

Two months after starting drifting, the other two fishermen died as they couldn't eat the raw fish and birds.

Several Mexican television stations and newspapers have been on hand to record the arrival in Majuro of the three fishermen.

After the vessel docked, medical officials examined the three men, and shortly after they were whisked to Majuro Hospital for further check ups.