8 Dec 2006

National Council of Women in Solomon Islands welcomes women to politics

5:36 pm on 8 December 2006

The National Council of Women in Solomon Islands is welcoming this week's development that saw two women entering the Isabel provincial assembly.

Solomon Islands have no women MPs in the national government and until this election in Isabel province just one woman in a provincial assembly - Malaita.

The general secretary of the national council of women, Ella Kauhue says it is a great achievement to have two more women entering the political landscape.

"People are watching very carefully in looking at women and the roles they play in their own communities. And it is giving people the opportunity and the idea that if we put women in areas of leadership positions, I think women do can perform even more than some of our men."

Ms Kauhue says the council will continue with its awareness raising programme to increase women's participation in politics.

The head of the group, Women in Leadership, Sarah Dyer, says the Isabel election is an important steppingstone, although her group has expected more.