12 Jan 2007

Fijian nationalist leader apologises for remarks about ethnic Indians

12:37 pm on 12 January 2007

A Fijian nationalist leader has made a U-turn after a visit by the military and apologised to the military commander and interim prime minister, Commodore Bainimarama.

Saula Telawa had attacked Commodore Bainimarama this week saying the inclusion of ethnic Indians in the interim cabinet was against the Bible because they were heathens.

Mr Telawa had said Christians could not work with non-believers or they would be cursed.

But the Fiji Sun reports that after he was taken to the military camp to discuss his interpretation of the bible, Mr Telawa changed his mind.

He now says he now supports the interim administration because it is led by an indigenous Fijian.

Mr Telawa says if the Methodist church supports the interim administration, everyone should do the same.

He says he would like to apologise to Commodore Bainimarama and is hoping and praying that the military will continue with its clean-up campaign.