29 May 2007

Solomons' Church of Melanesia to open university offering secular courses

7:10 pm on 29 May 2007

The Church of Melanesia in Solomon Islands says offering students new non-theological courses will give it a financial boost.

The church is stepping up its plans to offer university-level courses in health and education, on top of its benchmark theology courses.

Its project manager, Philip Kapini, says the expansion will help fill a gap in higher education in the Solomons.

And he says the church usually meets the cost of theological training, so the new courses will bring in welcome fees.

Mr Kapini says the church has secured a larger site in North Guadalcanal, but the project is far from a done deal.

"We've got this new site which needs clearing, then we'll have to, like any other project we'll have to seek funding both locally and abroad. But we'd like to move as soon as we can, and I think it will take another two or three years."

Philip Kapini from the Church of Melanesia in Solomon Islands.