17 Jul 2007

Two new SOE chairpersons in Fiji sacked

8:13 am on 17 July 2007

Two newly appointed chairpersons of companies owned by the Fiji government have been sacked.

The interim cabinet has approved the sackings and directed the ministers responsible to appoint new people to head the company boards.

The chairman of the 51% state-owned Air Terminal Services Limited, trade unionist Rajeshwar Singh, has been sacked less than two weeks after his appointment by the company board on July the 4th.

The company board has appointed government representative Manasa Baravilala to head the board in line with instructions issued by the minister for transport, Manu Korovulavula.

Rajeshwar Singh, who represents the Employees Trust which owns 49% of company, has been appointed deputy chairman.

The interim cabinet has also approved the appointment of the commissioner of prisons and former Land Force Commander, Brigadier Iowane Naivalurua, as the chairman of the 100% state-owned enterprise, Post Fiji Limited.

Brigadier Naivalurua replaces the recently appointed executive chairperson of Post Fiji, Fani Vosaniveibuli, who has been sacked because one of her first actions was to use company funds to buy an upmarket vehicle costing 42-thousand US dollars for her use.