29 Aug 2007

Mt Hagen calm after PNG fight

3:12 pm on 29 August 2007

Security has been restored in the Papua New Guinea town of Mount Hagen after a street battle between two local clans.

Two groups of the Mogei tribe took to the streets in a stone throwing battle at the beginning of the week, and the school, several shops, and the court house had to be closed.

Several people were injured.

The fight was reportedly in revenge for an alleged pack rape believed to have occurred last Friday.

The acting director for the district services in Mount Hagen, Joseph Neng, says the the fight came as a surprise, but the situation is back to normal.

"If it would have happened in a village set-up, then it is only a minor incident. But because it has happened within the town, and it attracted a lot of media attention and the general public has seen what has happened, it was important. It will be [under] control."

Joseph Neng says the fight could have been prevented, had police needed less than two hours to arrive at the scene.