1 Oct 2007

Former Fiji VP says indigenous Fijians hurt by military's actions

11:23 am on 1 October 2007

Fiji's former vice president says indigenous Fijians are aggrieved and hurt by the actions of the military.

Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi says many Fijians are bitter about and resentful towards the military which seems to be oppressing them.

Ratu Joni made the comments at the annual general meeting of the Fiji Indigenous Business Council at the weekend.

He says many indigenous Fijians have been ill-treated and humiliated by the military which is resisting efforts to investigate the deaths of two young people in its custody.

Ratu Joni says in such circumstances it would be easy to give way to bitterness but that temptation must be resisted.

The former vice president says the future of Fiji and its children requires that people engage with the military and establish dialogue.

He says demonizing the military would not bring any good and the means used to engage the military are just as important as the process itself.