18 Oct 2007

Kiribati National Council of Women welcomes promise of Ministry for Women

3:23 pm on 18 October 2007

The President of the National Council of Women in Kiribati, Meere T. Riwata, says she expects a new Ministry of Women, Youth and Social Affairs to be set up.

This comes after an election promise by Anote Tong who was re-elected as the country's president in yesterday's nationwide poll.

Mrs Riwata says this is a positive step.

"We've been with the Minjistry of Socal Development , we've been with the Ministry of Health. We are always moving around, but now that we will have this Ministry of our own it will give us a very bright future for the women of Kiribati."

Meere T. Riwata

Anote Tong is expected to be sworn in tomorrow.