29 Oct 2007

Fiji police explain delay in assisting Vanuatu police in fraud case

11:32 am on 29 October 2007

Fiji police say they will work with their Vanuatu counterparts to facilitate their request for extradition of a fugitive wanted in Port Vila to face fraud charges.

Vanuatu police have expressed frustration at the long delay in response from Fiji to a request for extradition of Salendra Sen Sinha, the main suspect in an investigation over Vanuatu's biggest ever fraud case.

The Indo-Fijian is believed to have masterminded the fraud of at least 300,000 US dollars of Vanuatu government money.

However, Fiji's Assistant Commissioner of Crime, Nasir Ali, says the request can only be processed when the Fiji court deals with a local criminal case hanging over Salendra Sen Sinha.

"We certainly will be looking forward to working with them even in this cases. But right now he is under investigation by the local police. We have to process him at this end first before we actually work to the extent for him to be tried before the Vanuatu court."