5 Nov 2007

Fiji police says alleged assassination plotter Khan's injuries stem from resisting arrest

3:11 pm on 5 November 2007

Fiji police claim businessman Ballu Khan and his bodyguard had resisted arrest, compelling police officers to use force.

The Police Commissioner, Esala Teleni, said Mr Khan, who is a New Zealand citizen, had assaulted the officers who tried to detain him over an alleged plot to kill the interim prinme minister, at a checkpoint in Lami on Saturday.

The police commissioner says the injuries were the result of both Mr Khan and his bodyguard resisting arrest and assaulting police officers.

Fijilive says Mr Khan reportedly suffers from a broken jaw and ribs and is being closely guarded by soldiers.

The Fiji regime says the plot to kill Fiji leaders has been funded by unnamed foreign governments.

This morning four more people were arrested in Fiji related to the alleged plot.

Tui Rakuita, of the staff of the University of the South Pacific and now studying in Australia, says the action of the military sets a dangerous precedent .

"Colonel Baledrokadroka being in prison right now, incarcerated. It marks a shift, in the sense, towards a direction of greater conflict."