22 Nov 2007

Governor in PNG's Oro Province visits graves of flood victims who he says died of starvation

4:19 pm on 22 November 2007

The governor of Oro Province in Papua New Guinea, Suckling Tamanabae, has again called for immediate aid to be sent to the flood hit region.

The death toll from the floods is now put at more than 160.

While aid from the national government and NGOs is arriving in the province, David Terry a spokesman for the Governor, says they presently only have two helicopters in Popondetta available to distribute this assistance.

Governor Tamanabae has said hundreds of lives could be lost if funds approved by the National Government are not released quickly.

David Terry says that the Governor on Wednesday had visited a remote village in the north of the province and found people had already died of starvation.

"He was actually taken to the burial sites and show the graves of 11 people. He told me more people may have died throughout the province as a result of the delay in getting much needed food and medical supplies and water into the areas devastated by the flood."