11 Jan 2008

New Zealand Businessman drops charges against head of Fiji police

10:14 am on 11 January 2008

New Zealand businessman, Ballu Khan, has withdrawn his case against Fiji's Police Commissioner for his alleged illegal detention by the police.

This comes after his release from a Suva hospital where he was recovering from injuries suffered during his arrest last November.

Mr Khan has been charged with three counts of conspiracy to murder Fiji's interim Prime Minister and two Cabinet ministers and is now on bail.

His lawyer, Semi Leweniqila, told the court yesterday that Mr Khan does not wish to pursue the matter any further.

Mr Leweniqila says he made the decision because he has been released from hospital.

"Mr Khan was discharged from hospital on Tuesday this week, went home and police have charged him with several charges. The application that was withdrawn was the application for habeas corpus when he was in hospital. Matters have now overtaken the application, so the only thing to do was to withdraw the application."

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Semi Leweniqila

Mr Khan filed a compensation suit last year claiming millions of US dollars in damages.