1 Apr 2008

Nauru Speaker again presses Government to call elections

11:08 am on 1 April 2008

The Nauru Speaker, Opposition MP David Adeang, is again pressing the Government to call elections, to end the country's political crisis.

The 18 member Parliament is split nine/eight with Mr Adeang saying he would resign if required to forestall any successful vote by the Government.

He says dissolving the House or resigning is the only commonsense approach.

"In order allow the people to break the stalemate and allow them to put up a Government which numbers more than nine on either side, in order to progress the reforms that have been started by the Ludwig Scotty Government in 2004. It is unfortunate that the Government does not see the commonsense in this but it is a Government that has lost its mandate and its ability to make law for Nauru."

David Adeang.

The Justice Minister, Mathew Batsiua, says the moves by Mr Adeang are simply a grab for power.