3 Apr 2008

Fiji Public Service Association seeks pay rise, backpay and bonus payments

8:11 am on 3 April 2008

The Fiji Public Service Association is calling for a ten percent pay rise, a backpay and a bonus payment for its members.

The interim government had placed a five percent pay cut on public servants after the 2006 coup, but the union says interim ministers were exempted, which it regards as unfair.

Last month, the interim regime decided to restore the pay cuts in two steps but to not offer a backpay.

The union's senior industrial advisor, Nirbhay Singh, says it is asking for several things in the still active pay dispute.

"We have written to the public commissioner about an across the board living adjustment to the salary rates of all our members, this is based on pure inflation figures, which is now close to eight percent, and secondly the restoration of the pay cut."

Nirbhay Singh says it has also learnt that permanent government secretaries have received a bonus payment of several thousand dollars each and it is now also asking for similar payments for its members.