22 May 2008

Marshall Islands police could charge dozens of store owners with illegally selling cigarettes

1:46 pm on 22 May 2008

Marshall Islands police are considering what legal action they can take against dozens of shops caught flouting anti-smoking laws.

A recent survey found that 93 percent of 129 stores illegally sold tobacco products to people under 18.

On Ebeye, all 29 stores checked sold to teenagers, while in Majuro 91 of the 100 stores broke the law.

Not one of the 129 stores asked for identification from the teenagers.

The head of the criminal investigation division, Captain Vincent Tani, says police are now collecting all the information needed for prosecution.

"The report will be made and submitted to the Attorney General office where they are going to prosecute the stores and store owners. It's a small country and everybody knows everybody."

Captain Vincent Tani says the store owners could be fined up to 1000 US dollars.