10 Jun 2008

Cuban doctors arrival a blessing, says Solomons Health Dept

8:21 pm on 10 June 2008

Two new doctors will this week arrive in Solomon Islands under an arrangement with the Cuban government, with more to come.

The doctors are part of a bilateral arrangement with Cuba, which will also see 50 Solomon Islands medical students educated in Cuba.

The under secretary for health, Dr Cedric Alependava, says the doctors will arrive on Thursday and another eight will arrive some time later this year.

"The first two who are arriving, they're one anaesthitist, because we desperately need one anaesthetist, and one internal medicine specialist, he's a physician and also a team leader."

Dr Cedric Alependava says the National Referral Hospital currently only has one anaesthetist, so the arrangement is a blessing.

He says the doctors are volunteers and the government only pays food and accomodation allowances.