30 Jun 2008

Northern Marianas Government says new Federal law will decimate economy

7:44 pm on 30 June 2008

The Governor of the Northern Marianas is considering a number of options to avoid having to implement the labour provisions of the new Federal immigration law.

Spokesperson Charles Reyes says the governor's complaint is its impact on guest workers in CNMI.

The Federal government is expected to take control of the Commonwealth's guest worker program and eventually phase it out.

Mr Reyes says as well as suing the U.S. government, other options include pressure for a repeal of the statute and working with agencies in charge of implementing the law to ensure job security for foreign workers.

"The government feels that this is a very damaging piece of legislation that it will have tremendous adverse impact on the Commonwealth. It could reduce our economic product by over 50 percent and our guest workers be forced to leave the Commonwealth within 5 years."

Charles Reyes, spokesperson for the CNMI governor.