28 Jul 2008

French court dismisses complaint against two French Polynesian MPs

4:44 am on 28 July 2008

The French supreme court has dismissed a complaint by a French Polynesian assembly member who alleged that two members had private professional interests incompatible with their roles as elected politicians.

The court rejected the complaint because of its form, which has prompted the opposition to consider filing the allegations against Teina Maraeura and Michel Yip again.

This comes as the ruling coalition continues to be threatened with a

no-confidence motion as it only has the support of 29 members against the opposition's 28.

Mr Yip's defection in April made it possible for the To Tatou Aia leader, Gaston Tong Sang, to have the numbers to oust the seven-week old government of Gaston Flosse.

One of Mr Yip's colleagues, Eleanor Parker, has condemned the opposition for taking legal action, saying it has damaged the two politicians' image.

She has also denounced the bid to oust the government despite, as she put it, a threat of social and political instability.