9 Sep 2008

Fiji Law Society urges police to look into formal treason complaint

7:41 pm on 9 September 2008

Fiji's Law Society is urging the police to look into the formal treason complaints made by the ousted Prime Minister, his party and others.

The Police Commissioner has said he will not investigate because a civil case questioning the legality of the takeover is still with the courts.

The Law Society President, Isireli Fa, is unconvinced by sub judice arguments in relation to the case.

However Mr Fa says claims by the Police Commissioner that the matter could cause instability are more difficult to decide:

"That's a real question and reason why it can't be rushed... the very people who are being complained against are those who are running the government and we can't see how they can actually investigate themselves and that's the reality of the whole thing. I think we have to approach whole thing with some form of wisdom and patience."

Mr Fa says some steps should be taken to investigate at least in a preliminary manner.