21 Oct 2008

SPREP says there is support for further climate change meetings annually

12:29 pm on 21 October 2008

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, SPREP, says there has been overwhelming consensus to hold further climate change meetings for the region annually.

Its Director, Asterio Takesy, says the impact of climate change on the future sustainability of small island states is an ongoing concern and appropriate action is urgent.

Given widespread support for this year's meeting, including from New Zealand and Australia, Mr Takesy, says stakeholders will meet again in 2009 during the Pacific Year of Climate Change.

"The conference I think is a very good start of a long journey. As you know this roundtable is the region's means of implementing the action plan for the climate change framework that has been approved by our leaders at the forum and throughout the region. So now this is the beginning of what we hope is the implementation mechanism."

Director of SPREP Asterio Takesy says the EU, Japan donors and UN agencies have also agreed to continue their support of SPREP in future.