8 Jan 2009

Niue's premier says he had productive discussions with NZ's Foreign Minister

7:57 am on 8 January 2009

Niue's premier, Toke Talagi, says he's had productive discussions with New Zealand's new foreign minister, Murray McCully.

Mr Talagi, who came to power last June, has been critical of the performance of New Zealand officials, whom he accuses of hampering the political will of the island's government.

He says he spoke to Mr McCully about his issues with officials, and what needs to be done regarding project funds.

"I made that very very clear and I'm not satisfied with the fact that it's been processed based rather than output based. The Minister and I are both in agreement that we would both be very keen to ensure that everything that we talk about will be output based. He and I both agree that a process can't continue to hamper the need for us to invest in and develop our economy."

Toke Talagi says he values the time and opportunity to discuss these issues.