20 Feb 2009

Nauru closer to freedom of information laws

6:46 pm on 20 February 2009

A workshop addressing the right to information has concluded in Nauru.

More than 40 representatives including MPs, senior civil servants and community representatives attended the four day workshop organised by the Nauru Government with support from the United Nations Development Programme.

The Parliamentary Counsel in Nauru Katy LeRoy says the main aim was to provide better understanding of the right to information and how to draft an implementing law to give effect to it.

She says Nauru is contemplating amending the constitution to allow freedom of information and says delegates of the workshop now have a greater understanding of how this can be achieved.

"The community representatives and the NGO representatives who were there now have much more detailed understanding, as does government of what the right to information means and that should equip all the participants with what they need to go out and speak to the people they represent."

She says if the constitutional amendment is passed, a referendum must be held to get approval by the public.