25 Feb 2009

Legal opinion to test viability of Nukulau resort plans in Fiji

5:04 pm on 25 February 2009

Fiji's Rewa Provincial Council says it's seeking legal advice to have its proposal to build a hotel resort on Nukulau Island re-looked after Government earlier declined the council's plan.

Nukulau, which is off Suva, was used to imprison the 2000 coup frontman, George Speight, until he was transferred to a main island jail.

The interim government hasn't yet approved all bid for the lease of the land because it would rather see the land remain as a preserve because of its historical importance.

Pita Tagicakiverata, deputy chairman of the Rewa Council, says its residents have ownership rights to the Island which is why it's seeking legal help about its rights to the lease.

He says its proposal is to build a more than 4 million US-dollar hotel resort that would significantly benefit the country.

"Developing Nukulau as a tourist centre for the Suva area that would benefit the Government that's why I see no reason why Government should say that the Island should remain as it is. Not only that employment is another area, you will have people that will be employed full-time at the hotel. So it will benefit the people."

Pita Tagicakiverata of the Rewa Council.