17 Dec 2009

Fiji Times rejects military regime's editorial claims

7:06 pm on 17 December 2009

The Fiji Times rejects claims by the military regime that it is partisan and says it has always been pro-Fiji in its editorial approach.

In a statement the paper says it is regrettable that the interim government has banned it and Fiji TV from talks on planned new media laws.

The regime says both these organisations have shown, through what it calls their perverse publications and broadcasts, that they do not recognise the regime, are partisan and not Fiji focused.

This comes despite three years of pressure on the media and strict censorship since April.

In a statement earlier this week the regime said if these media want to be invited they must change their partisan editorial approach.

The Fiji Times editor, Netani Rika, says the newspaper remains supportive of responsible journalism which, it believes, includes presenting all sides of any issue so that the people of Fiji can consider issues affecting them, armed with as much information as possible.