23 Dec 2009

Police in Solomon Islands cull 15 more crocodiles

11:52 am on 23 December 2009

The Participating Police force and RAMSI have culled 15 more crocodiles in the Solomon Islands after killing one that's believed to have taken the life of a seven year old.

The team was deployed after the boy, who was swimming in Vonavona Lagoon in the Western Province last week was dragged away.

A spokeswoman for the PPF, Amanda Hardy says the officers remain in the area under the instruction of village chiefs in case there are sightings of other crocodiles.

"There is a population problem with crocodiles in the area and that they have been encroaching on parts where the villages are. So what they decided to do was to go out yesterday afternoon and look for more crocodiles. And they dispatched seven crocodiles during the afternoon and a further eight crocodiles through spotlighting last night."

Amanda Hardy.