12 Jan 2010

Fiji disaster teams to distribute seedlings to cyclone victims

3:03 pm on 12 January 2010

Fiji's Disaster Management Office is planning to distribute seedlings and planting materials in the next few weeks to families affected by December's cyclone.

Cyclone Mick struck ten days before Christmas, displacing thousands of people, who have since returned to their homes.

The office's acting director, Pajiliai Dobui, says they have distributed food to all families after the cyclone hit.

Mr Dobui says they have done an assessment of the affected area that found no further food distribution is needed, but that the affected families will need help long-term.

"The recommendations have been that the crops were OK. All that people need is planting materials and seeds for quick crops or fast crops as we say for the new year. It will be distributed either this week or next week."

Pajiliai Dobui says technicians have also managed to restore electricity to all areas.