11 Mar 2010

Fiji crackdown on illegal taxis

10:43 am on 11 March 2010

The police in Fiji and the Land Transport Agency are cracking down on drivers who are operating illegally as taxi drivers.

The month long operation was launched this week following the Fiji Taxi Union's recent annual general meeting.

The Union's General Secretary, Rishi Ram, says the LTA and police have taken immediate action and have so far impounded 80 vans, match boxes and private cars being used illegally as taxis.

"The taxi operators raised their views in our AGM, our annual general meeting. In their views they said that taxi operators in various districts are being victimised by these illegal operations and they're taking away the lion share of the taxi business."

Rishi Ram says at the same time police have advanced their efforts to enforce a law which means taxi operators must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.