25 Jun 2012

Niche opportunities for Pacific products - Trade Forum

7:21 pm on 25 June 2012

Participants at an inaugural Pacific trade forum that began in Fiji today have heard that despite the world's tough economic climate the region's small businesses can make money in niche markets.

Trade Pasifika 2012 has been organised by the Pacific Island Private Sector Organisation with support from the United Nations Development Programme and other regional bodies as well as private sector representatives.

The UNDP's Dr Asis Chida says the message from today's panel discussion, which focused on the value of exporting, was very clear.

"Opportunities exist for niche products in the Pacific. They have to be competitive, yes, the cost of doing business is high but we need to develop niche products."

Dr Asis Chida says the panel involved service providers such as customs and banks telling exporters where the bottle necks and barriers are and how to make it worthwhile to export.