5 Jul 2012

Women's call to push Fiji voter registration message

10:24 am on 5 July 2012

A women's rights NGO in Fiji says it hopes rural communities are not ignored when it comes to information campaigns for voter registration.

The Electronic Voter Registration for the elections promised for 2014 opened on Tuesday, with the Western Division claiming more than a thousand people had registered that day.

The executive director of Femlink Pacific, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, says there needs to be an effort to ensure that awareness for registration goes beyond the main centres.

She says there has been a lot of mainstream television and newspaper campaigns but she hopes that's not where it ends.

"The communities that Femlink Pacific work with, quite often are not the communities that are accessing the mainstream media information, so I think it's really important that information goes out to people outside of that kind of domain of accessing mainstream media content or online media."