30 Jul 2012

NZ Methodist Church leader calling for dialogue with Fiji military regime

7:03 pm on 30 July 2012

The President of the Methodist Church of New Zealand is calling for the Fiji military regime to hold dialogue with churches in Fiji to help with the transition to democratic rule through the 2014 elections.

Reverend John Roberts recently made a solidarity visit to the Methodist Church in Fiji and concludes it has faced extreme hardship and oppression since it opposed the military coup in December 2006.

Reverend Roberts says there is a need for the interim government to enter into open dialogue with the Methodist Church to resolve the issue and ensure democracy is achieved.

"But I think the dialogue needs to be not only for the Methodist Church. They should involve all the churches in Fiji with a view to replacing injustice with justice and facilitating the transition to democratic rule."

Reverend John Roberts says the Methodist Church in Fiji has permission to hold a conference this year, which will be the first in four years.