22 Oct 2012

Veteran Vanuatu publisher launches radio station

11:17 am on 22 October 2012

Veteran Vanuatu newspaper publisher, Mark Neil-Jones, has set up a news oriented radio station.

96 Buzz FM has been broadcasting around Efate Island for just over a week using the resources of Mr Neil-Jones Daily Post newspaper.

Mr Neil-Jones, who arrived in Vanuatu 23 years ago and started the paper 19 years ago, says he needed a new challenge.

He says the station includes talk back shows and a gold music format but the news is important.

"We are the only station doing news on the hour every hour 24 hours and it is updated continually. We have got a big emphasis on news but we are keeping the bulletins shortish. the other radio stations tend to play news bulletins at certain times of the day and then do them in 3 languages. We are just keeping ours in English."