6 Feb 2013

Fiji call for responsible gadget use at school

6:17 pm on 6 February 2013

Fiji Media Watch supports the use of electronic gadgets in schools as long as it is monitored to benefit a student's learning within the education curriculum.

The civic society organisation conducts workshops in schools and in rural communities on the positive aspects of media tools and the media industry.

Director Agatha Ferei says it is a shame that many schools in Fiji ban such gadgets for a student's personal use.

She says tech gadgets, such as ipods, ipads, cellphones and laptops are here to stay, but can be programmed to be used responsibly and accessing suitable websites.

"We have reached a stage in time where media technology is here to stay in Fiji, and I would like to really encourage parents and teachers or educators and community leaders to also get out there and familiarise themselves with the use of gadgets, and to guide their children in their learning."

Fiji Media Watch director, Agatha Ferei