13 Feb 2013

Respiratory illness striking tsunami-hit Solomons children

5:32 am on 13 February 2013

A Solomon Islands disaster official says a growing number of children in the tsunami-hit Temotu province are coming to the hospital at the provincial capital Lata with respiratory illness.

Last week's magnitude eight earthquake and subsequent tsunami killed at least 10 people on the main island of Ndende, injured others and wiped out homes, displacing thousands.

The National Disaster Management Office's Sipuru Rove says so far not many people have contracted water-borne illnesses such as diarrhoea but numbers are expected to rise.

He says the current threat is acute respiratory infection.

"Mostly it's children. I am not really aware of the details, the little details. But it was because of poor shelter and poor conditions outside the environment."

Sipuru Rove says people can get advice from hospital staff on how to prevent the infection.

Disaster aid continues to flow into Solomon Islands, with Taiwan announcing funding today of almost 200-thousand US dollars.