26 Mar 2013

New Solomons police bill clarifies and codifies says police commissioner

3:22 pm on 26 March 2013

The head of the Solomon Islands Police Force says new legislation on police operations and conduct will make it clearer to people what to expect in their dealings with the force.

The Police Commissioner, John Lansley, says the Police Bill 2013 before parliament this week is the result of consultations conducted with communities, parliamentarians and police over more than two years.

He says the bill is much more specific on the laws regarding searching, evidential and arrest procedures and also highlights how police can discipline and recruit officers.

"Because the law is quite old from the 70s and based on before independence, a lot of it, so it actually does change a lot of the law and make it far more up-to-date and far more relevant to how police operate in this type of environment and it also makes it far more clear for people to understand."

The Solomon Islands Police Commissioner, John Lansley.

The police ministry's permanent secretary Edmond Sikua says the bill is likely to be passed on Thursday.