27 Jul 2015

Nauru anti-graft group seeks meeting with Forum chief

2:30 pm on 27 July 2015

A group on Nauru is calling for help from the Pacific Islands Forum to fight corruption in the country.

The group Emendena Eimwi says Nauru has no anti-corruption laws or independent mechanism to curb corruption which it says is so alive in Nauru.

The group's president Joseph Harris says members want to meet the Forum's Secretary General Dame Meg Taylor to discuss regional support for fighting graft.

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Secretary-General, Dame Meg Taylor.

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Secretary-General, Dame Meg Taylor. Photo: RNZI

"Especially those would-be leaders they are trying to aspire to do the right thing, they're finding it hard to combat this issue because most of us especially those people who would be trying to do good things for this country and trying to curb corruption , they are finding it hard to battle bribery. They don't have the resources like the government."

Mr Harris says the group hopes the Nauru government won't stand in the way of its attempts to meet the Forum chief who is due in Nauru this week.

Emendena Eimwi is aligned to a new political party, the United Nauru Movement, which is planning to field candidates in all of the island's constituencies at the next election.

It wants to oust the leaders in the present government who the group says have robbed the country and its people of democracy, human rights and free speech.

Mr Harris says its efforts to campaign against corruption have been difficult as Nauru's democracy has been "poisoned" by corrupt politicians.

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