9 Sep 2015

Nauru steps up deportations

5:29 pm on 9 September 2015

A number of Chinese nationals are being deported from Nauru under a law brought in a year ago.

The new law gives the Border Control Minister full say on whether foreigners can be deported.

In this case the Chinese were alleged to have been bringing in illegal drugs however local reports say no drugs have been found.

But the Chinese are being deported anyway with one, Ma Dong, a long term resident, who is married to a Nauruan and has a family of four, forced out last Sunday.

Under the new law, the deportees have seven days in which they can appeal to the island's President, but the acting President is David Adeang, who is also the Border Control Minister.

Regardless of that Ma Dong received his deportation notice from the minister last Wednesday and was put on a plane to China, via Fiji, on Sunday.