PNG struggles with fight against sorcery

8:59 pm on 21 October 2015

The Papua New Guinea Prime Minister's Office says the issue of sorcery and sorcery-related issues must be put in perspective to find a workable solution.

The Prime Minister, responding to the Post-Courier's campaign against sorcery and its associated tortures, said in a statement that it is a problem that enforcement agencies must be pro-active about.

He says it is a problem as PNG is a country that is moving from traditional societies to a modern economy in one generation.

In a recent news statement, the United States Government deplored the brutal violence inflicted on three people in the Southern Highlands and other related offences in the country.

The statement called on the police to investigate and prosecute the offenders of the senseless act.

The Catholic Church has also condemned the torture and attack on innocent people, saying the incidents infringed on human rights and freedom of inhuman treatment as enshrined in the Constitution.