7 Dec 2015

Samoans 'not safe' with prison escapees at large

3:56 pm on 7 December 2015

There is frustration in Samoa over the number of prisoners escaping from Tafaigata prison, with the public feeling they're being put at risk.

Entrance to Tafa'igata Prison in Samoa.

Entrance to Tafa'igata Prison in Samoa. Photo: Tafa'igata / youtube

Last week, another prisoner escaped on the same day two other prisoners were recaptured.

One of the recaptured men, Lauititi Tualima, had previously escaped from Tafaigata in April, and is facing criminal charges related to the rape of an Australian woman a month ago.

He's also suspected of assulting a woman worker at the Faleolo International Airport tower whilst on the run.

Our correspondent, Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia, says people do not feel assured of their safety.

"There's a lot of frustration from the public. Because their safety, not only of their lives, but their properties are at risk. Too many prisoners running away from prison, and all these prisoners are serving time on murder, rape, indecent assault, breaking and entering houses and stealing. The public are not in a safe place."