16 Dec 2015

Fiji education laws need reform: UN

2:27 pm on 16 December 2015

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education says Fiji urgently needs new education laws to ensure a stable education system.

Kishore Singh, who's been visiting Fiji, says he's impressed with reforms to the system which include better vocational training and the scrapping of school fees but he says there are still areas that need attention.

Mr Singh says a very sound, forward-looking legal framework is needed.

"The new constitution of 2013 is remarkable in providing for this right. But when you look at the Education Act, it is of 1978. I mean this is outdated. So what I then underlined and I pressed upon the government to modernise the national legislation in order to provide for universal access."

Mr Singh says the government has asked for his help in reforming the law.

Children at Daku Village School, Fiji

Children at Daku Village School, Fiji Photo: RNZI/Sally Round