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  • In At The Movies, Simon Morris reviews the James Brown story, Get On Up; thriller A Walk Among The Tombstones, starring Liam Neeson and Pride, when lesbians, gays and coalminers took on the might of Margaret Thatcher

  • This week, Our Changing World explores the science behind the use of 1080 in conservation, features a 3D bioprinter  and meets some of New Zealand’s future science leaders.

  • Dr Julian Fennessy, director of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation says on Nine to Noon that giraffes are the "forgotten megafauna" despite the fact their numbers have plummetted by 40 percent in the past 16 years

  • We meet Ashburton dairy farmers Mark and Devon Slee on Country Life, who are the national winners of the 2014 Ballance Farm Environment Awards

  • Insight explores the reasons behind the slide in support for the Labour Party over the last 3 elections