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  • Trials have begun to determine whether Australian deaf citizens can be permitted to serve as jurors, Prof. Jemina Napier from Heriot Watt University, explains on Nights

  • On Windows on the World the BBC's Carie Gracie meets people who have been caught up in China's Church of the Almighty God, a Christian doomsday cult which pledges to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party

  • In At The Movies Simon Morris looks at Sylvester Stallone’s eighties flashback The Expendables 3, the foodie, feelgood movie The 100-Foot Journey and Roman Polanski's Venus In Fur

  • In Our Changing World, mind-control and robots, the pros and cons of older dads, Antarctic time travel and sugar: desirable but bad

  • Country Life has a musical theme – Charlie McCaig went from selling records to running a dairy farm, and Adrian Mann built a grand piano in a Timaru farm shed