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  • On Saturday Morning, Kim Hill's guests include Sir Peter Gluckman, Steven Pinker, and the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra

  • On This Way Up we find out how reheating your pasta can make it better for you, get a taste for Bhutan's national dish, hear about wireless charging technology is developing, count kiwis using computer code, find out about training the immune system to fight cancer and hunt for the rifleman

  • We go from the life of penguins with Lloyd Spencer Davis to evolutionary biologist Marlene Zuk who looks at popular theories that we should be living more like the way our ancestors lived for a healthier life and why these are often based on speculation, not scientific evidence, on Great Encounters

  • Insight finds out why our children are falling behind in maths and science and what is being done to get them back on track.

  • Young Aussie rich-lister Jack Delosa talks to Wallace Chapman about making millions on Sunday Morning. Plus - cafe culture, and Counterpoint examines capital punishment