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  • On Saturday Morning, Kim Hill's guests include Kristin Hersh, Claire Hall and Hinemoana Baker.

  • The term "cybercrime" covers a multitude of sins. A special show in This Way Up looks at what it is, who's affected, and what you can do to stay safe online

  • Folk trio Pales joins Music 101 for some songs and a lesson in three part harmony, band Drax Project talk about honing their craft busking, @Peace perform live at Montecristo Room, and drum n bass producer Rich Gibbins talks about rhythms and sound palettes

  • Great Encounters includes an interview from 2003 with the late chess maestro Genesis Potini, who is the subject of the film Dark Horse, now showing nationwide

  • On Sunday Morning: Retiring MPs Darien Fenton and Phil Heatley reflect on the highs and lows of life in parliament, and the Internet Party's Miriam Pierard talks about why she wants a job there