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Spectrum is a long-running documentary series – it began in 1972 – which captures the essence of New Zealand through stories, landscape and people.

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  • Daniela Maoate Cox talks to attendees at a Pasifika gender bending ball on Spiritual Outlook about how spirituality can coexist with sexuality for Pacific people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender, queer and intersex

  • Katy Gosset meets a sexual health educator in One in Five who is helping parents, whose young people have learning difficulties, teach their children about the birds and the bees

  • On Hidden Treasures, Trevor Reekie digs up an eclectic bunch of tunes from a number of genres, from all corners of the globe, including our own back yard, as well as a few tunes to celebrate the festive season

  • The International Americana Music Show presents exclusively Americana music made solely by non-American artists

  • In The Sampler Nick Bollinger revisits ten of the standout albums from 2014