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  • On Nine to Noon, web comic author Randall Munroe  will be answering some questions about the world of science. The former NASA roboticist and programmer has a cult following. He is the creator of the webcomic,
    which aims to explain the law of science with cartoons. The 31 year old is the bestselling author of What If? In latest his book ThingsExplainer the focus is on explaining complicated stuff in simple words.

  • On Nine to Noon,  British author and journalist and former lawyer Rob Penn found, 40 different uses for the wood from a single ash tree. The products range from a desk, tools, bowls and bats. His book The Man Who Made Things Out  of Trees, chronicles how wood from the ash tree has been used throughout history.


  • On Saturday Morning, Kim Hill's guests include Shakespearean actor Tim Crouch, Graeme Downes of the Verlaines, and Martin Phillips of the Chills

  • Insight examines whether the country's public servants being politicised