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  • Insight explores the reasons behind the slide in support for the Labour Party over the last 3 elections

  • Devonport’s Torpedo Bay has seen moa hunting and been a launch site for floating mines. In Spectrum Justin Gregory signs on for a sail through Torpedo Bay’s history

  • Lisa Thompson speaks with Massey University doctoral student Diane Koti about her research into end-of-life care for terminally ill Maori patients and their whānau, on Spiritual Outlook

  • Children with Down Syndrome can be princes and princesses too – Katy Gosset meets the woman behind a petition that calls for Disney to make an animated film with disabled characters, on One in Five

  • On Labour Day morning Colin Peacock looks at the life and legacy of Pete Seeger, the All Blacks in the USA, giving up your job to help humankind, tiny homes and choosing your own holidays