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  • Gerald Russell, a former British and UN diplomat, talks to Simon Mercep on Afternoons about his new book exploring the disappearing religions of the Middle East

  • European Inventor of the Year, Chris Toumazou, reveals how his personal life and early research lie at the heart of his inventions in Windows on the World

  • The International Americana Music Show presents exclusively Americana music made solely by non-American artists

  • In The Sampler Nick Bollinger reviews a new album from Lyttelton troubadours The Eastern, a funky collection of Sly Stone’s production work and wonders if Neil Young’s introspective new album really needed a 60-piece orchestra?

  • Global Village heads to the Balkans for music from early music master Jordi Savall, the Brooklyn-based Raya Brass Band, and one of the premier Balkan brass bands, the Boban & Marko