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  • Insight investigates the seriousness of the threat posed by Islamic State to NZ and whether this country's response is appropriate.

  • Spectrum joined several hundred people on the Birch Hill Ride for the trip to Birch Hill Cemetery where a plaque erected in 1937 pays tribute to the horses killed in the Great War

  • Dr Allan Davidson, Honorary Research Fellow at both St John’s Theological College and the University of Auckland talks about his work studying the role of the churches in the First World War on Spiritual Outlook

  • On One in Five we look at a new action plan that has been put into place to make the buildings and grounds and information about parliament accessible to everyone

  • Andrew Morton, famous for his biography of Diana, Princess of Wales, talks in Afternoons about his new book on how the Edward the VIII, Duke of Windsor, may have collaborated with the Nazis in the summer of 1940