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  • The Greyhounds, Andrew Trube and Anthony Farrell, Led Zeppelin and Eden Brent take the stage on Beale Street Caravan

  • About one in six of us suffer from them: headaches. Australian GP, Dr Carole Hungerford talks to Simon on Afternoons about treating this common ailment.

  • In The Sampler, Kiran Dass reviews the swirling Southern Gothic of Christchurch's Dark Matter; the reverb-drenched melancholy of Roy Montgomery; and the literate post-punk of Josef K.

  • This week on Night Lights Classic Jazz, the programme explores the relationship between jazz and beat-writer Jack Kerouac.

  • On Our Changing World, we look at a rare specimen of a colossal squid, find out about wound healing, hear about stick insects which feature in the book NZ Wild Life, and visit a local council that's leading the way in saving energy