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  • At the Movies talks to the new head of the New Zealand Film Commission, Dave Gibson about where New Zealand films should be heading and how the Commission can help

  • In Windows on the World Mounira Chaieb of the BBC examines what Sultan Qaboos’ “benevolent dictatorship” has done for the Oman’s climate of exceptional religious tolerance

  • Our Changing World goes on a rowi egg rescue with the Department of Conservation, learns about the phenomenon known as childhood amnesia and visits the Forest Lifeforce Restoration Trust's propagation nursery

  • Guests on ANZAC Day include photographer Laurence Aberhart, US poet Brian Turner and the RNZ Navy's Sailor of the Year, Lou Thyne

  • Matinee Idle looks back at the making of the first fully recorded and processed New Zealand gramophone recording of the song Blue Smoke sung by Pixie Williams