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Afternoons moves from magazine listening in the early afternoon through to full-on current affairs in drive time.

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  • In The Sampler Jim Pinckney reviews the nostalgic R&R of Texan Lee Bridges, the post-punk gospel confusion of Algiers and Princess Chelsea’s sophomore epic The Great Cybernetic Depression.

  • Anthropologist Wednesday Martin discusses the rituals, mating practices and attempts at dominance of the wealthy "stay-at-home Moms" of Manhattan's Upper East Side, in Nine To Noon

  • Marty Duda's artist of the week on Nine to Noon is Auckland-based singer/songwriter Hollie Fullbrook aka Tiny Ruins

  • On Afternoons, author Stephen Witt talks about how the music industry first ignored the impact of internet file sharing, and is now struggling to keep up

  • In Our Changing World, discovering new marine species, the art and science of dental technology, finding the best ways of losing weight and staying healthy, and does water on Mars mean life on Mars?