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Daughters live in fear of killer dad

The two daughters of a man who bludgeoned their mother to death with a claw hammer say they live in fear that he will track them down once he gets out of prison.

Not happy? Build a better flag

If you thought our interest in this issue was flagging, think again - and try this DIY flag building tool. (COMMENTS)

Health practitioner struck off for sex offences

A disciplinary tribunal has cancelled the registration of a health practitioner convicted of sex offences but says he can reapply for registration once he is released from prison.

NZX drops on renewed China fears

The New Zealand sharemarket - and other markets around the world - have fallen after further signs that China's economy is slowing.

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Why are so many adults colouring in?

Boy wizards, sparkly vampires, BDSM - and now colouring books. Publishing trends are nothing if not unpredictable but is there any substance to the most recent one, beyond trying to colour inside the lines?

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Double decker buses head for Auckland

A new era in bus commuting is about to begin in Auckland with 53 double decker buses ordered for major routes.

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Durban awarded 2022 Commonwealth Games

The South African city of Durban has been approved as the host for the 2022 Commonwealth Games at the Commonwealth Games Federation general assembly meeting in Auckland.

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Hungry polar bears trap meteorologists

A team of Arctic meteorologists working in a remote corner of Russia have been trapped in a weather station by polar bears.

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Samuels takes aim at Maori Land Court

The Maori Land Court played a major part in the loss of land at Matauri Bay, a prominent Northland kaumatua says.

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Warning over interest rates review cut

A shift by the Reserve Bank to reduce the number of its interest rate reviews from next year has sparked a warning from at least one economic researcher

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Taranaki flood recovery to take at least five years

A Taranaki hill country farmer believes it will take at least five years for his farm and production to recover from the June floods.

How cynical has NZ politics become?

There is growing public disenchantment with politics, but how much of it is due to the cynical way politics is conducted now, wonders Brent Edwards in Power Play . (COMMENTS)