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Lucky Eight! Hawke's Bay's Multicultural Association Celebrate

3:30 PM.For the Chinese, eight is a lucky number! From just a few stalls and tiny public gatherings to an International Cultures Day in the iconic Cornwall Park attracting hundreds, the lucky eight year history of the Hawkes Bay Multicultural Association is celebrated.

Sweet Rewards: Indians celebrate 125 years in New Zealand

3:30 PM.Vaisakhi Mela the harvest festival for the Punjab region of India is as important as New Year. Around 20,000 Sikhs live in New Zealand. One of the first to settle arrived around 1890, his legacy is being celebrated in the 125 anniversary of Sikhs in New Zealand. Lynda Chanwai-Earle is in the Waikato to learn more.

African Youth Speak Out

3:30 PM.A report on encounters between African youth and police in Auckland sought to highlight bias in the justice system. But negative backlash from the public in social media after its release has shocked many of the youth.

Heart of the Tiger - NZ's first female Indian police officer

3:30 PM.Leaving behind an abusive arranged marriage as a teenage bride in North India Constable Mandeep Kaur struggled as a single mother in a foreign country to become New Zealand's first Indian female police officer.

Thingyan! Burmese celebrate their New Year

3:30 PM.It’s Thingyan time. Auckland's Burmese community are celebrating their New Year Festival, showcasing the seven ethnic nationalities with cultural and traditional performances, food stalls and more.

A Most Diverse Beat - Constable Rob Stanton

3:30 PM.Ethiopian coffee, radio shows, and rappers are part of the daily grind for Constable Rob Stanton. Dubbed an honorary African he’s a crucial outlet for the community to voice their concerns even if they are about the police.

I AM – not your stereotypical African!

3:30 PM.Some migrant and former refugee Africans in New Zealand say they are tired of being painted in the media as symbols of perversion, poverty, crime and shame. The 'I AM' project aims to turn this around.

From Slavery to Steelpan – NZ's Freedom Music

3:30 PM.NZ's first Steelpan Caribbean Orchestra drum up Carnival Night in Auckland, inspired by drumming traditions from Africa - originally developed to tolerate the inhumane practices of slavery in the 1700s.

Best NZ Poems go bilingual

3:30 PM.The first ever bilingual publication of 25 of New Zealand’s best poems translated into Chinese, with a huge potential readership in China, is launched with a tea ceremony, calligraphy and readings.

New Zealand's Chinese Anzacs - A buried history

12:30 PM.A buried history has come to light. Chinese New Zealanders who fought in places like Gallipoli during the First World War have been recognised in Wellington and finally have their moment in history.

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