Friday, 24 June 2016

Checkpoint with John Campbell, Friday 24th June 2016

Watch Friday's full programme here. (VIDEO)

Guardian Political Editor on Brexit outcome

Guardian Political Editor Anushka Asthana joined Checkpoint to discuss why the outcome had happened. (AUDIO)

Britain votes to leave EU

Britain has spoken: in an historic referendum, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, sending the pound plunging and markets into turmoil. (AUDIO)

Brexit a 'seismic' outcome, says Alastair Campbell

Former chief spokesperson and strategist for Tony Blair Alastair Campbell, who has been campaigning for the Remain campaign, says the EU vote is seismic. (VIDEO, AUDIO)

Brexit vote bucks bookies' predictions

Betting agencies suggested a 90 percent probability of Britain remaining in the EU this morning - but by the end of the day, things looked very different indeed. (VIDEO, AUDIO)

Market reaction to UK referendum on EU with Derek Rankin

News from the business sector, including a market report, following the EU referendum result. (AUDIO)

NZ politicians react to UK decision to leave EU

The New Zealand government is yet to make any official statement on Britain's departure from the EU, with ministers saying they want to wait to see the final result, as well as the response from the UK itself. (AUDIO)

New Zealanders react to UK exit from EU

People on the streets on Wellington responded with shock and dismay to the outcome of the EU referendum results. (AUDIO)

Response to Ombudsman's report must address issues

Neil Walter, a former CEO of MFAT, and also an expert witness to the inquiry, says the response to the Ombudsman's report must now address the serious and substantive issues it raises. (AUDIO)

New Statesman's Stephen Bush on Brexit

Stephen Bush, the New Statesman's Special Correspondent, joins Checkpoint to discuss the latest developments on Britain's departure from the EU. (AUDIO)

NZIER on the NZ impact of the EU referendum

Prior to the referendum, NZIER had estimated that New Zealand exports to the UK could drop by $190 million a year if Britain left the EU. Deputy Chief Executive John Ballingall joins Checkpoint. (AUDIO)

Homeless teenager with cancer moves to new home

Auckland's Te Puea marae has opened itself up to the city's homeless, some of which have found their stories becoming very public. A 16 year old cancer victim found herself front page news. Today, B and her family moved into a new home. Te Manu Korihi reporter, Shannon Haunui Thompson, was at the marae for B's farewell. (VIDEO, AUDIO)

UK politicians react to UK exit from EU

There are scenes of euphoria and dismay in the United Kingdom after Britons voted to quit the European Union in a historic referendum. (AUDIO)

Finance markets gyrate after UK vote

Finance markets have had a rocky ride after the UK voted to leave the EU, with the British pound falling to a 31 year low. (AUDIO)

Why did Britain vote to leave the EU?

Polls said it was too close to call, pundits called it for Remain - but with a 4% margin winning out for Leave, some are wondering whether Britain shouldn't have seen this coming. Buzzfeed UK's Jim Waterson joins Checkpoint. (AUDIO)

Expat Kiwis say Britain is shoked

New Zealand expat journalist Kate King is based in London working for Al Jazeera and says the vote's outcome comes as a surprise. (AUDIO)

Govt. reacts to Queenstown housing and infrastructure issues

The Government says complaints from Queenstown about a lack of housing and inadequate local infrastructure are being heard loud and clear in Wellington. (AUDIO)

Focus on Politics for 5.12pm Sat 24 Jun (Children)

The Children's Commissioner has used his last State of Care report to warn that tens of thousands of vulnerable children could be in danger as the Government plans a massive overhaul of Child Youth and Family. Dr Russell Wills will finish up as Commissioner next week, after 5 years in the job. Political reporter Mei Heron spoke to him about what the future holds and asked him whether children are better off now, than when he took office. (AUDIO)

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Dive school to repay $1.47m

The owner of a dive school plans to take legal action against the school's former owners, after being asked to repay nearly one-and-a-half million dollars to the Tertiary Education Commission. (AUDIO)

Britons wake up to historic Brexit vote

Will Britain leave the EU? The polls are open. Our correspondent Catherine Drew discusses the latest news on the referendum. (AUDIO)

Former hostage describes being held at gunpoint

After an expat New Zealander was taken hostage today, Bruce Klenner joins Checkpoint to discuss his own hostage experience in 2007. (VIDEO, AUDIO)

Health Minister declines interview

With Compass in the headlines, Checkpoint approached Health Minister Jonathan Coleman for interview but was told he was too busy to appear. (AUDIO)

Two kiwis to ride in Tour de France next month

Two New Zealand cyclists - George Bennett and Shane Archbold - have now been confirmed to ride in next month's Tour de France. (AUDIO)

Hunger, homelessness new normal for NZ

Hunger and homelessness are being called "the new normal" for increasing numbers of New Zealanders by the Council of Christian Social Services. (AUDIO)

Transport Minister announces 600m road package

More than 90 blackspots on roads deemed to be high risk around the country will get safety improvements over the next six years. (AUDIO)

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