Monday 27 April 2015 Rāhina 27 Paenga-whāwhā 2015

Today's schedule

12:04 AM All Night Programme

Including: 12:05 Music after Midnight; 12:30 At The Movies with Simon Morris (RNZ); 1:05 Te Ahi Kaa (RNZ); 2:30 NZ Music Feature (RNZ); 3:05 Afternoon Tea with the Ladies, by Wendy Craig (RNZ); 3:30 Science (RNZ); 5:10 War Report (RNZ)

6:08 AM Country Life

Memorable scenes, people and places in rural NZ (RNZ)

7:30 AM Worldwatch

The stories behind the international headlines

8:10 AM Eight till Noon with Jesse Mulligan

Noon The Midday Report

A roundup of today's news and sport.

12:12 PM Matinee Idle

Phil O'Brien and Simon Morris present an afternoon of alleged music and dubious entertainment

5:00 PM The 5 O'Clock Report

A roundup of today's news and sport

5:30 PM The War in the Air

At the start of the war generals publicly stated their disdain for airplanes. As Canada's Minister of Militia put it, "If I want to see where the enemy is, I'll climb a tree". Before long, thousands of flimsy warplanes were in the sky. This programme draws on a large archive of eye witness testimony - over 200 interviews with veterans of WWI recorded by CBC radio half a century ago. The soldiers' stories give us rare and vivid accounts of what it was like to be a front line participant in this horrific conflict (CBC)

7:06 PM A War Requiem

The psychological problems of soldiers during and after World War One.

7:45 PM Breakout

A short story by Sally Astridge read by Denise O’Connell            

The moving tale of an ex-POW who is beginning to confuse present reality with past traumatic experiences.

8:06 PM Glory in the Eyes

The horrors endured by the men at Gallipoli are unfathomable today. Sonia Sly draws on archival recordings of the men to look at the very real experiences of the brave and fearless Anzacs who served there.

8:40 PM Windows on the World

International public radio features and documentaries

9:06 PM Insight

An award-winning documentary programme providing comprehensive coverage of national and international current affairs (RNZ)

10:00 PM The Ten O'Clock Report

A roundup of to day's news and sport.

10:30 PM What's the Word


11:06 PM Robert Johnson Celebration

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