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Monday 24 October 2016 Rāhina 24 Whiringa-ā-nuku 2016

  • 12:04 AM. All Night Programme

    Including: 12:05 Music after Midnight; 12:30 Health Check (BBC); 1:05 Te Ahi Kaa (RNZ); 2:30 NZ Music Feature (RNZ); 3:05 Account of the Inlander's Outing by Tina Shaw read by Dulcie Smart (RNZ); 3:30 Science (RNZ); 5:10 Witness (BBC)

  • 6:00 AM. Breakfast with Paul Brennan

    An early miscellany of music, stories and random thoughts.

  • 8:10 AM. Labour Day with Charlotte Graham

    A charming mix of conversation and music, the curious and the compelling.

  • Noon The World at Noon

    A roundup of today's news and sport.

  • 12:12 PM. Matinee Idle

    Phil O'Brien and Simon Morris present an afternoon of alleged music and dubious entertainment.

  • 5:00 PM. The 5 O'Clock Report

    A roundup of today's news and sport.

  • 5:12 PM. Global Business

  • 5:40 PM. Red Devil 1917 by Colin Beardon

    Kate hatches a plan to get her grandad, B an old-style socialist, to meet some old friends.

  • 6:06 PM. Reversing Parkinson's

    Parkinson's Disease is one of the major neurodegenerative conditions. Cells die, for reasons not fully understood, causing a reduction in the production of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, and a raft of physical and behavioural problems. Although effective drug treatments are available, they wear off over time and have side effects. The highly individual nature of the condition and variation in its progression also makes dosage difficult. Sue Broom reports on two new approaches that could lead to treatments for Parkinson's.

  • 7:35 PM. Pick of Upbeat

  • 8:30 PM. Windows on the World

    International public radio features and documentaries

  • 9:30 PM. Insight

    An award-winning documentary programme providing comprehensive coverage of national and international current affairs.

  • 10:00 PM. News and Late Edition

    RNZ news, including Dateline Pacific and the day's best interviews from RNZ National

  • 10:15 PM. What's the Word with Sally Placksin: Independent Working Women

    At the start of the 20th century, most women in western countries were expected to marry and raise a family. The choices for those who didn't were very limited. In today's edition of 'What's the Word' Sally Placksin explores three novels that portray women struggling for independence at the turn of the last century: George Gissing's 'The Odd Women'; 'The Bostonians' by Henry James and 'The Vagabond' by Colette.

  • 11:06 PM. Nashville Babylon

    Wairarapa's Mark Rogers presents a selection of old and new music - the very best in, Americana and blues (12 of 20, Arrow FM)

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