Friday 18 April 2014 Rāmere 18 Paenga-whāwhā 2014

Today's schedule

12:04 AM All Night Programme

Including: 12:05 Music after Midnight; 12:30 Global Business (BBC); 1:05 Ideas (RNZ); 2:05 Science (RNZ); 2:30 The Sampler (RNZ); 3:05 Bull's Lace, by Jenny Pattrick, read by Dorothy McKegg (RNZ); 3:30 New Zealand Society (RNZ); 4:30 The Why Factor (BBC); 5:10 Witness (BBC)

6:00 AM Good Friday Morning

A miscellany of music, stories and random thoughts including:

6:12 Reading: The Youth Camp, by Justin Eade (RNZ)

6:50 Witness (BBC)

7:08 Reading: Gravy, by Elisabeth Smither

9:06 Lalibela: The New Jerusalem - Unique churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia (BBC)

10:06 Band of Hope: A retrospective look at the famous children's temperance movement of the 1990s

10:45 Reading: When You Go, by Rochelle Elliot, read by Paul Harrop (RNZ)

11:04 The Missing Migrants: Tracing the families of illegal migrants who die in the Arizona desert after risking their lives to cross from Mexico to the United States (BBC)

12:30 PM The Intriguing Theremin

The first electronic instrument and the only one you play without touching (RNL)

1:30 PM Reading

Presqu'Isle, by Stephen G Walker (RNZ)

2:06 PM The Protest Singer

An Intimate Portrait of Pete Seeger (Media Mechanics)

3:04 PM Reading

Live Transmission: Only Sukkie Bubbas Use Laser Guns (RNZ)

4:06 PM The Forum (BBC)

5:00 PM The World at 5: A roundup of today's news and sport

5:12 PM Global Business (BBC)

7:06 PM A Short History of Contraception

8:06 PM Reading: Clean Slate, by Johanna Mary (RNZ)

10:00 PM The World at 10: A roundup of today's news and sport

10:30 PM What's the Word: Literary Roots of Opera (NPR)

11:06 PM Noise: A Human History - The Age of Oratory

Narratives which shift the focus to language (2 of 6, BBC)

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